Questions & Answers

I am a Member of another Union currently in my regular employment – is there a conflict? Answer: None at all, the Teamsters and the application for certification are completely separate. You may find if you seek advice from your ‘regular’ Union they will support the Teamsters – Unions support Unions.

I am employed by the City of Ottawa, does this effect my regular employment? Answer: Absolutely not, you have the right to join any Union, there is zero bearing on your regular employment. If an employee of the City of Ottawa suggests any negative correlation between your regular job and this process – call the Teamsters immediately.

How do the Teamsters respond to the recent E-mail I received from the City? Answer: The City still hasn’t addressed why they want you to vote in the upcoming vote, but in Item #6 of their original formal response to the OLRB – they indicate they don’t want [your] ballots counted. Teamsters have been transparent from day, applying only for Station 81 ONLY which would allow a Station by Station opportunity if successful. The outcome will not effect any other Station – your Station your choice – read the City’s E-mail carefully.

While we won’t enter into a war of words with the City, from day one the Teamsters have been transparent. This website is to ensure you have the information to make an informed choice. Filling an E-mail with ‘may’ and suggesting the vote ‘may’ determine the fate of 467 Ottawa Rural Fire Fighters is not ‘giving you the facts’. Facts are today – we have only applied for Station 81…fact are this vote is about 81.

The City clearly is focused on Union dues, during each open information conference call we have held, we openly discuss the dues structure. What the City didn’t mention is you do not pay any dues until a collective agreement is in place – you have a full voice – you decide on an offer. Only when you have a collective agreement in place do you pay dues – not after a vote.

In reference to the ‘strike’ comment, the City should review the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c.4, {see below} – you provide an ‘essential’ service to the public – there is zero appetite to strike. Teamsters would use Section 49 to ensure the public is protected – the mention of a strike may be construed as a scare tactic by the City. Teamsters respects the service you provide to the community.

Referral to arbitration: Section 49 Where, after bargaining under section 48, either of the parties is satisfied that an agreement cannot be reached, the party may, by notice in writing to the other party and to the Minister, require all matters remaining in dispute to be decided by arbitration in accordance with this Part. 2016, c. 37, Sched. 9, s. 2.

Unions come into place and the same system to bring a Union into the workplace, is the same system to remove a Union. This is a good example of the Employer’s spin ‘will they [Teamsters] ever leave?’. Remember, you tell us when to come in – you tell us when to leave.

Too little too late – the City states it is open to listening to your issues and working with its ‘volunteer firefighter’ to address concerns. Then why is the City desperate to stifle this Union drive. Every conversation the Teamsters have had led to one simple truth – today you have no voice – there is strength in numbers and united you will have a strong voice with the backing of the Teamsters.

One thing we agree on – make an informed decision – should you require more information on the Teamsters – please simply reach out to us. Our energies are focused on transparency and not distributing a document full of ‘mays’ and a City position responding to the OLRB that your ballot should not be counted – again we remain confused?