The Process

Teamsters Local Union No. 91 has been approached from by the Ottawa Rural Fire Fighters to become unionized – to create one strong united voice.  This document is designed to provide you information on all aspects of unionizing and the benefits of unionization.  We are not here to take on your employers, simply to level the playing field between employer and employee and to work for a brighter future for all. Many of you know this as you are already Members of a union today – some you may even be Teamsters Members.

MISSION STATEMENT: Teamsters Local Union No. 91 while working with the Ottawa Rural Fire Fighters will endeavour to unionize your station.  Our goal is to unite the workers who are employed in each station and eventually combining all the stations into one strong bargaining unit through a strong union.  We will work with any rural Fire Fighter to help further along the process and encourage all employees to become involved.  Our door is always open…take the time to contact us with your information so we can keep you informed.  All this information is 100% confidential from the employer.

YOUR RIGHTS UNDER LAW: In all parts of Canada, employees have a legal right to become union members, to organize, support, and participate in union activities.  The Canada Labour Code states:“Every employee is free to join the trade union of his/her choice and to participate in its lawful activities”. The Ontario Labour Relations Act (which applies to you) provides the identical rights and freedoms.

WHERE DO WE START: We are interested in you the hard-working Rural Fire Fighter as the most valuable asset to your employer.  This is a grass roots drive, reaching out to every fire fighter, regardless of union opinion or pre-conceptions.  We are here for you and will answer any questions you may have – we are completely transparent.  Let’s make an informed decision together.

Remember these simple things: Teamsters represent UPS, Purolator, CNL drivers {Chalk River Nuclear Plant}, Coco Paving drivers, Hawkesbury Hospital Security guards, and a variety of Members in many fields.

Protect yourselves with a TEAMSTERS CONTRACT – start today by completing your confidential Union card on-line.
THE UNIONIZING PROCESS: Teamsters Local Union No. 91 has created this website to answer questions and provide you with information.  We are a team working together to help even the playing field and ensure a brighter future for all Ottawa Rural Fire Fighters.  Please provide us with a means to reach you, and we will be happy to answer all your questions at your leisure.    

THE FIRST STEP – SIGNING A UNION CARD: Signing a Union card is simply an application for membership.  The card does not automatically force you into the Union.  Simply, once we have 40% of the cards signed for your Company, we apply to be certified through the Ontario Labour Relations Board – seven days later a secret ballot vote is held.  Remember you cannot be fired for signing a card and THE EMPLOYER WILL NEVER SEE THE CARDS.

STEP TWO – BARGAINING WITH THE EMPLOYER:   Once the Teamsters become certified, we provide your employer with notice to begin the bargaining process.  Negotiations are held under the principle of maintaining good relations with the employer and achieving the basis of a ‘fair days work for a fair days pay’.  Negotiations are done by YOUR Committee with representatives from your Union and your fellow employee(s) who are on the negotiating team.  

STEP THREE – RATIFYING THE AGREEMENT:   Prior to ratifying or placing any Agreement in place the Members will vote on the tabled offer.  Teamsters will not accept a collective agreement on your behalf.  You are in control every step of the way.  Teamsters will ensure you understand your Agreement before you vote.  YOU DO NOT PAY ANY DUES UNTIL A CONTRACT IS IN PLACE!

STEP FOUR – LIVING UNDER THE AGREEMENT:  Contracts range in duration; your Agreement will have a start and finish date.  Teamster’s contracts are a tool for employees to ensure a level playing field with the employer.  We enforce bargained items and negotiated benefits for all our Members.  You cannot be threatened or fired for exercising your rights!

Today we begin the journey together for a brighter future – help us reach out to you.It is you right under law, and no one will become unionized before a vote – and absolutely every inquiry is confidential, the employer will never know! 

WHAT HAVE THE TEAMSTERS DONE: Teamsters have certified thousands of employees in numerous workplaces. We have been able to achieve fair living wages recognizing employees for their work. As well, lower over time thresholds, introductions to good pensions and benefit packages.

HOW CAN YOU HELP TODAY  Contact our team today; let us know who you are and the best way to reach you.  We need your help to provide you with the information through phone, mail, E-mail, fax, or any method you choose.  Any information will always be confidential and safely guarded; we want to make sure you are informed – complete your on-line union card today!