Stronger together…

Ottawa Rural Firefighters & Teamsters are organizing today!

Welcome to the 2022 Ottawa Rural Firefighters organizing drive – this site is designed to provide you with information about the benefits of organizing with the Teamsters.

Results of the vote.

Thank you all for visiting the website and the engaging interactions. Together, simply achieving a certification vote was a tremendous accomplishment and the participation levels were amazing. The results of the vote were provided today, and unfortunately the outcome was short only one vote not in favour of the Union from the information provided by the OLRB.

What’s next…

Teamsters will continue the dialogue, Union cards are received daily and we are close to applying for further Stations. Continue to fill in the cards and encourage your fellow fire fighters to do so. We believe in a Station by Station approach and had a monumental journey. Keep providing the valuable service to the community you do. Together we will be successful.

Questions and Answers

This is an exciting time – we are very close to opening the door to create a strong and united voice for all Ottawa Rural Fire Fighters – you deserve this opportunity.

We have started a Q & A page – click here to visit – it includes a response to the E-mail you received today:

It’s your time…

Teamsters Local Union No. 91 has been approached to organize the Ottawa Rural Firefighter Stations. As challenges due to rising inflation, job fairness and quality of life continue too rise, unions have been called upon to help everyday workers balance their employment relationship.

We are here to help protect your employment and ensure a strong future through a united voice. You have to take the first steps together – review the information on this website and engage your fellow rural fire fighters to do so as well. An informed decision is a good decision, signing a Union card is now easy – click the above link to electronically sign your Union card. Rest assured your card is 100% confidential and the employer will never know who has completed or submitted a Union card. Please indicate your Station number on the card – many Stations have joined the drive since the City’s E-mail.

Teamsters will work with you and for you to enjoy the protections of a 100% guaranteed collective agreement with the benefits of Union protection and a united voice. Check out the information contained on this site and submit your on-line card today!

Support your fellow fire fighters – join the organizing drive. A new City Council is on the horizon – now is the time to protect the future.

A question has arisen – can you join the Teamsters if you are represented by another workplace by another Union? – absolutely – Teamsters will only represent you in your employment relationship as an Ottawa Rural Fire Fighter.